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From Stress...to Bliss
enjoy this in a small group setting or in a private session

Imagine...relaxing so deeply that you forget time...
Imagine...entering into a deep, quiet calm within your body...
Notice, as aches and pains begin to melt away...
Imagine...you without the stress...
Breathing deeply, breathing with your whole body...
Connecting with your own innate Wisdom...
Creating and restoring your feeling of well being and peace...

... un-learn the process of creating and holding stress, experiencing the release of pain and tension in the body, and being empowered to access your innate ability to heal...

...as we enter more deeply into the process of healing, of bringing more light into the body, addressing challenges on the cellular level while clearing the emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that are finding expression in our bodies and our lives.

You will be learning to clear and bring to balance the things that have caused pain and distress in your body and your life. The processes and techniques I will be utilizing and teaching include these, to name a few:
Higher Self Connection
Vortex Healing Techniques and Activations
Energy Healing Techniques
Balancing Polarities
Balancing Male/Female aspects
Removing Negative Energies in the Bodies
Working with the Elements
Initiation into the Elements (so you can channel the healing energy of water, earth..)
Activations to increase Light Frequencies: Pineal, Grounding, Protection..
Activations to Increase Protection
Light Body Activations
and much, much more....

For integrative purposes...we may also utilize some yoga movements to assist in downloading into the body the shifts we make in the emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Also, I often do future-pacing (an NLP process) so that the shifts and changes we make can integrate and work for us.
These sessions are tailored for the small group. I will be following guidance from Spirit as to the focus for the group each month and the individual work we do as well.

My vision here is to provide for us a space and the resources needed so that we can evolve at a faster pace, making use of the energies, including Light Codes, that are streaming in for us. You may wish to be a part of this group for a short time or for a longer period...whatever is needed for your own growth. I just look forward to the opportunity of working and growing with you!!!

This 'class' takes place on floor mats, with supporting pillows. You may also bring your yoga mat if you wish.
Upcoming scheduled 'From Stress to Bliss' Sessions

has been assisting others in their quest for health, balance, and a return to bliss, for 25 years.
She is a Certified Huna-Aloha Institute and Trainer, a Licensed Massage Therapist and Massage Instructor, Integrative Yoga Instructor, Certified Progressive NLP Trainer, and Hypnotherapist. Her new retreat center/studio is now open for daytime events and private sessions.

InnerBliss Retreat located just outside of Fort Worth, rests in the rolling hills above Lake Weatherford, 4 miles off of Interstate 20 (at Mikus Rd.)